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The University does not produce programme specifications for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Letters (M.Litt.), or Master of Philosophy by Thesis Only1 degrees, as they are specialised courses of research whose precise aims and learning objectives will be unique to each individual student. Programme specifications are normally offered for all other University awards, and these can be found in the archive of programme specifications.

All Ph.D. degrees at the University of Cambridge are offered at Level 8 of the Frameworks for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ, 2008).  All M.Phil., M.Sc. and M.Litt. degrees are offered at Level 7.

In general terms, the aims of research degrees at the University of Cambridge are: 

  • to give students with relevant experience at first-degree level the opportunity to carry out focussed research in the discipline under close supervision; and
  • to give students the opportunity to acquire or develop skills and expertise relevant to their research interests.

By the end of the degree, students will have achieved a comprehensive understanding of research methodology and critical analysis, and will have produced an original piece of research.

More detailed information about the framework for the award of the resarch degrees is available in the University's Statutes and Ordinances (see Ordinances, Chapter VII: Degrees, Diplomas, and other Qualifications).

A catalogue of current courses on offer, and how to apply, is available on the Postgraduate Admissions pages.



1 Note that programme specifications were produced for MPhil by Thesis Only programmes up until 2021.